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This community is sorely lacking in the Franziska department, so I am now dumping a whole bunch of doujins to make up for it. They're all: by circle Bakuso Special/Yachi (whose website can be found here), Franziska-centric with varying levels of Franziska/Edgeworth, and in Japanese. They're also all G-rated, save for the very last one, rated R.

Fledgling Prosecutor
Taking place in (mostly) AAI-4, this mostly focuses on Bratworth and Bratziska being disgustingly adorable, but also features tiny Kay being disgustingly adorable, younger Gumshoe being disgustingly adorable, Badd being hilarious, and Manfred being A++ amazing. This is my favorite thing ever and you want it in your life.

Mind Lock
Focuses on what Franziska goes through during 2-4. Features: glorious daddy issues! Trauma! Adrian being adorable! Everything that I have ever wanted out of life.

Perfect Dare
Set during 3-5, this one actually focuses the least on Franziska, and provides rather touching Godot/Mia and Dahlia/Iris reunions (well, as touching as you can get with Dahlia, anyway).

Perfect Valentine
Maya and Pearl rope Franziska into making Valentine's chocolate for her ~special someone~, because as we all know, Franziska is helpless against nine year old girls. Cue shenanigans.

Natural Enemy
More 3-5, with Franziska and Dahlia-trying-to-pass-as-Iris sitting in a cave and doing away locks, with bonus concerned Edgeworth and Gumshoe and awesome Bikini.

Rated R. A hundred pages of Franziska and Edgeworth going at it. A pretty sweet hundred pages of Franziska and Edgeworth going at it, if you ask me.
Tags: circle: bakuso special, g, mediafire, pairing: edgeworth/franziska, r
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