Nick! (pess_in_suits) wrote in gyaku_doujin,

[Translation] Complexion

 Hello again! Have some more translation spam. :3c

Title: Complexion
Circle: Dokusai-Moratorium (Yukino Suzui)
Translator: nijyuushi 
Scanner: Once again, I'm not sure, but kudos to whoever did! <3
Pairing: Phoenix Wright x Miles Edgeworth (Ryuuichi Naruhodou x Reiji Mitsurugi)
Rating: PG
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MU says temporarily unavailable. :( Usually this means it didn't upload right, I think..
NM. There it goes. /o/
Yaay I love Dokuasi Moratorium's doujin! Thanks for translating this! :D
THANK YOU! *.* This is just cute. ^^
This was really cute :D

thanks for sharing~
Taking, thank you :)
Thank you so much for sharing this. :)
Would you at all be able to upload this anywhere else? MU is sadly gone for good. :(
reupload please? :'D
Do you still have the doujinshi? I would like to read it and megaupload has been since taken down.