Jen (jen0va99) wrote in gyaku_doujin,

Various Phoenix/Maya hentai djs

I uploaded this for someone over at gyakuten_saiban, so I figured I'd share them here.

This is a pack of nine Phoenix/Maya hentai (and one gen) books. Sorry they're not separated, it was just easier to package the zips together. Unfortunately, I don't know who scanned any of them.

Pairings: Phoenix/Maya (all books), one with Maya/Pearl (futanari) and Sal/Maya (ew), one with Miles/Franziska, one with Mia!Pearl/Franziska, one with Godot/Mia. Books are all marked so you'll know what has what.
Genre: Serious, some gag
Warnings: 18+ (all but one), het (all), yuri (two), incest (one) and rape (?)
Download Links:
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